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Tapping grease


Containing efficient additives.good wear resistance and extreme pressure usetul for prolonging life of cutting tools.good performance in low temperature.


  • dilute the oil with spindle oil as the ratio of 1:5-1:10 when of ordinary maching 1:2-1:5 when heavy duty maching.
  • oiling:dripping circylating or brushing


  • for metal cutting(oily)
  • used for drilling reaming tapping milling and the like when machining stain-less steel and copper particularly fit for tapping.
  • yellow grease in normal temperature flash point more than 190 degree centi-grade
  • Water insolubility


  • use bush to coat wipe oil on the taps,when the viscosity is high,please use small amount of oil or non soluble cutting oil fully mixing dilution,using in suitable coneentraion
  • when clean it,please use lye or kerosen(do not use acid)
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