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New Product: XYC Taps For Brass And Bakelite



     The  characteristics of brass: good plasticity, good machinablity and low price, etc,  widely used in rivets, washers, nuts etc. Bakelite is the most important and common plastic for produce electric switch, telephones, which has highly mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.


       However, no matter brass or Bakelite, because of its own brittle-hard, it is easy to cause broken and damage when cutting and it is easy to cause tooth broken and unwearable.


       To solve above problems, XYC successfully developed special taps for brass and Bakelite and got good feedback from customer, who prefer to choose XYC than imported brand because of competitive price and quality.

       XYC taps make special design for brass and Bakelite machining according to the characteristics, special cutting angle make taps sharper and chip smaller, reducing sticky chips and friction. Enough room for chips, make it easy to move chips out. TIN coating enhance wear resistance and reduce friction.


       At present, The stock for Bakelite and brass taps as below: M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5,M6 etc., and non-standard taps can be offered


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