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XYC Expand Market In Automotive Industry


       Now china automotive industry shows a good development. Equipments and technology of auto industry have a higher requirement to safety, comfort, environmental friendly.

Although cutting tools only account for about 4-6% of the cost of manufacturing, it directly affects about 20% of manufacturing costs and about 40% of labor costs. Especially in some large auto industry, once cutting tools has some prboem,  the whole production line will shut down, causing a huge loss.


       XYC act as the provider of integrated solution in machine taps, through the development of 10 years, gained a lot of experience in automotive industry and successfully applied to stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron. At present, XYC developed all kinds of forming taps, spiral flute and pointe tap applied to cylinder block, crankshaft, connecting rod and camshaft etc.

More than above, XYC is still expanding market in automotive industry. A customer in auto industry need to tapping a plate with several stamping holes, it is huge challenge to taps precision and stability in the processing. The plate is not hard enough, so it is easy to cause plastic deformation and part damage by unbalance push while tapping for several hole in the meantime.

       After all comparison, the customer chooses XYC taps forming taps. XYC taps use HSS-PM material, higher strength, wear-resistance and longer life up to above 8000 holes. Moreover XYC taps use TIN coating to improve threads surface smooth and higher precision. At the same time, the cost is lower than international brands. Customers have a high praise of XYC taps.


       The extension of XYC taps in automotive industry come from the excellent technology research and development. XYC spent 8% of sale income in technology to make sure that powerful R&D and achievement in taps industry. In the future, XYC will continue to promote automotive industry, make a contribution for china automotive industry.

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