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Perfect Coating For Aluminum Series Machining


       It is more rapid and timely to communication by modern communication, and people are not possible to get rid of mobile phone any more. According to data of MIIT, as early as 2016, the total number of mobile phone users in China reached 13.04 billion, of which 4G users has reached 646 million.


       With the development of high-tech and need of mobile better function, mobile phone and 4G network become more and more common. At present, 4G is fashion, 5G is coming. It is reported that China begin to build 5G in 2019, and 5G realizes commercialize soon in 2020.The function of 5G improves  industry chain update, and have huge marketing.


       The development of communication promotes machining industry to update. As top brand of taps industry, XYC machine taps has been generally used in 4G/5G. Recently XYC new coating TIN-A forming taps are perfect for tele-communication industry to process aluminum series and for irons, steels, stainless steels machining.



       A customer processed aluminum for tele-communication, material is ADC12, CNC machine, running speed 3000rpm, drilling diameter 2.75mm, tapping depth 8-11mm. comparison with a famous imported brand 50000 holes, XYC taps M3*0.5*80 TIN-A forming tap the average life is 50000-60000 holes, some even can reach more than 100000 holes.



XYC taps are competitive with good quality and price, help to save cost and improve machining efficiency.



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